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  • Out with the old and “?” with the new

    2013 was another year that brought forth little to no answers about numerous issues plaguing mankind. It did, as always, with the sound of thundering pyrotechnics bring forth an insurmountable amount of questionable foresight into what the future will hold.

    For now, for the sake of argument (sadly), we will refrain from castigating foreign policy and geopolitical issues.

    However, despite uncertainty, what has become clear is the seismic shift of human behaviour that has resulted in the realization of the importance of businesses to become mobile friendly. Businesses will need to look at mobile devices as a piece of hardware deployed by them, to the hands of their customers, with the purpose to extract information relevant to the success and vitality of the brand. In other words, an in-pipe digital sensor, relaying in real-time, data indicating areas of fatigue and imminent damage. In correlation, businesses whether it is trepidation or paranoia, must monitor consumer feedback as the first line of defence against larger structural issues that will inevitably bring down the business.

    GTag Technologies urges businesses to create a cross-functional system that aligns employee needs and customer demands and aggregates it into customer loyalty, brand awareness, and increased customer interaction. What we do with businesses is create a “smart membrane”, that wraps around each customer and allows you in real-time, heal any issues experienced by the customer.

    Before we collect enough human analysis to change the world, let’s together, revolutionize, how businesses come to know, understand and appreciate customer interaction. Lengthy surveys via e-mail are a thing of the past, join the mobile movement.

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    Farhan Zafar

    Business Development.

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  • Fraudulent Reviews, when something is just too good to be true.

    Consumers are often misled and misguided right into oncoming traffic, where they immediately realize the new hole in the wall eatery, is not living up to what others said about it online. The flipside, businesses are often bombarded with ads that become detrimental to bringing in new business through the doors. “When restaurants face increased competition, they become more likely to leave unfavorable reviews for competitors.” Link here

    With the amount of inaccuracy within these reviews, businesses find it difficult to assess the content and make the necessary changes to better the services they provide.

    Screen Shot 2014-04-09 at 5.10.41 PM.png

    Yelp which maintains a steady market cap of just under $5B, seems to be at the heart of this kerfuffle. The playground supervisor is attempting to reduce the magnitude of fraudulent reviews by using complex algorithms. Altering the way the review is written would be a convenient way to pass this line of defence.

    Yelp’s struggles, prove to us that we are doing something reasonably well. What we do, that is entirely different, is tag the user’s location, telling the owner, upon submission of the review the user was on premise, equating to a real authenticating review and a real user. Such valuable information can help aid businesses in turning that customer into a repeat loyalist. If the business is notified of the submission in real-time, chances are that customer is actually still there, allowing the business to attend to his or her needs, instead of attempting to reduce metastasization online. We allow businesses to focus on quality of service provided instead of wasting managerial time on damage control.

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    Farhan Zafar

    Business Development.

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  • Replace complacent industry standards

    Tin Can PhoneCurrently, businesses rely heavily on lengthy surveys often sent post interaction. Our research with clients indicate the response rate to these surveys to be roughly 3% (30/1000 will reply) and did nothing to increase customer retention rates. Industry standards for accessible real-time information are solely reliant on social media publications. Management is alerted when the system detects a poor review. Management is expected to respond to the post and amend the situation. The focus shifts, from providing good customer service, to damage control. The review is open for others to view which metastasizes the damage. In these instances, the cost and effort to retain the business increases five folds.

    Comment Cards are outdated, inefficient, and a waste of paper. Not to mention the annoying task of collecting, reading each individual card and discarding/storing them. We allow for a seamlessly smooth transition into the world of digitalization and all the perks that come with it. Easy to use graphical analysis to strapulate data to predict future trends and the ability to rectify consumer experience in real-time.

  • Improve Ratings on Social Websites

    increaseSM2The popularity of social media sites such as TripAdvisor, Travelocity, and Expedia has given rise to a new age of consumerism. Consumers, rely heavily on the information posted on these sites as, peer-to-peer sharing is shown to have an ever increasing impact on the final decision.

    We provide hotels with a cutting edge platform to create a collaborative environment that, fundamentally changes how management, employees, & guests interact. Our real-time updates, feedback & analysis tool reduces the number of unsatisfied guests leaving the premise, while decreasing the likelihood of negative comments on social media.



    NYT“A study from the Center for Hospitality Research at Cornell University recently found that hotels with better customer reviews on travel rating sites like Travelocity and TripAdvisor could charge slightly higher rates” click here


  • In-depth Customization

    CustomizationWe take it slow. We understand how onerous it can be, to implement a new system. Before we build your platform, we connect at every level of your company, speaking to employees to seek their input. We take what we learn and create a platform that incorporates a 360 degree view.

    Complete Access!

    Once we have built what you want, we again spend time at every level of your company, thoroughly explaining how each component works, before we hand over the keys. By the time we leave, your staff is knowledgeable in adjusting components of the platform if needed. We take pride in what we do and build, we stand behind everything our products reflect, and it shows how passionate we are in revolutionizing the customer experience (CX).