When you know more, you can do more.

Touch points are interaction points the consumer experiences with your brand. During these brief interaction moments, the consumer learns first-hand about who you are, outlining the importance of measuring your customer experience at every touch point.

GFMS1Guest Feedback Management System

Guest Feedback Management System, based on patent pending technology, helps to strengthen your hotel brand by:

  • In depth analysis of all hotel touch-points; research, booking, check-in, stay, check-out, & post check-out.
  • Relays authentic customer feedback in real-time, by tagging the consumers location.
  • Alerts appropriate staff members in real-time using multi-format notification system, when a guest is unhappy.
  • Increase brand awareness and ratings on social media sites, such as TripAdvisor, Travelocity and Expedia.
  • Time-stamp all feedback and maintenance requirements to identify and improve response rates.
  • Increase customer loyalty through real-time incentives.
  • Operates on all mobile devices and operating systems to reduce cost and increase participation levels.





Hotel Issue Management System  HIMS

An interactive and collaborative system in place that holds everyone accountable for the satisfactory experience of the guest. Hotel Issue Management System is everything the Guest Feedback Management System is and MORE!

  • Alerts appropriate staff members for maintenance requirements in real-time.
  • Internal tool to allocate and prioritize duties amongst staff.
  • Manage, record, and archive all maintenance requirements in real-time, eliminating staff paperwork during and at days end.
  • *Reduce 45 minutes of unnecessary employee workload.
  • Internal tool used to monitor and reward employees based on improved performances.
  • Equips staff with the ability to become efficient at preventing and effective at solving problems immediately.

*Based on employee feedback currently using software provided by GTag Technologies Inc